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The hardest part about becoming a trader is to precisely know when to place a trade and deal with your emotions while you’re in the trade. By becoming a member at Day futures trader, you will have the opportunity to receive a pre-market analysis that will help you focus on those key levels of support and resistance to profit from the markets, before the market opens between 08:30 & 09:30 am/est.

  Also, you will have access to our live trading session/trading room where you will be able to ask any questions while you watch us trade live, and/or before you place an order. This coaching session will help you to develop skills to place a trade without fear, helping you and improving your abilities as a trader. The most important part of trading is your psychology and this is only developed by recognizing your weaknesses and strengths. At day futures trader we put no pressure letting you improve your skills by making sure you understand the thought process of entering a trade. Come and join us in our live trading session from 09:30 to 10:30 am/est. and let us guide you to success.

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